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The brush edge extension Lysol Bowl and Caddy stands out among all the sets of brushes for its durability, its high quality and its built-in antimicrobial agent. This set of brush and cart is a masterpiece of cleaning since the antimicrobial agent installed in the fibers helps greatly in cleaning the container. Dark and deep spots can be easily erased by using this unique set.

This set comes with a sufficient protection against any bacteria, mold and mildew that cause odors. The fiber extension under the edge is strong and lasts a long time. Provides a comfortable and strong grip to the user to clean each difficult area easily, without bending too much. The bristles are well attached and will not fall off so easily. With the help of this toilet cleaner, your bathroom will remain bright and shiny when you enter. Click here:


Cleaning the bathroom and keeping the container clean is a must. The Fuller Brush Toilet Bowl has a simple procedure for effective cleaning. The cleaner needs to be poured into the cup and from there the brush threads soak the liquid. In the next step, the cup is used as a drainer, which squeezes out excess water and helps clean up a large area. A few strokes will help you have a better finish and cleanliness.

The length of its handle measures up to 15 inches, which makes it durable and efficient enough to use. Therefore, you must apply less pressure and you can clean the entire surface without bending too much. It reaches all difficult areas to be easily cleaned and can be stored anywhere in the bathroom, since it takes up very little space. In general, it gives the desired shine to your toilet, making it an ideal product for bathing.

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