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The foldableCampng toilet

The best ideas are often the simplest. That belief is the core of our main selection, the Green Elephant, simple but extremely practical. It is essentially a renamed version of our old main recommendation, the Toilet Toilet discontinued but much loved.

The Green Elephant is super light, but more than tough enough to support the average person. It is made with a reinforced steel frame, which is folded to facilitate its packaging and transport. The seat itself also has the size and shape of a standard camping toilet seat, and even comes with a toilet roll holder. The waste is collected in disposable plastic bags that are kept securely in the double-layer seat.

We recommend this for hiking and for any type of camping expedition where portability and compactness count!


Exceptionally lightweight and durable, The Green Elephant has none of the common problems in its folding competition. In general, this style of toilet is unstable, breaks easily and is not suitable for larger bodies or for long-term use.

Not so with The Travel Toilet. Reinforced steel is built to withstand any type of body for years to come, even though the unit weighs less than 4 pounds. It is rated for 250 pounds. The support is designed for stability, too, avoiding any disastrous situation caused by rollover.

Overall, surprisingly it is well done for something so cheap. The metal components are coated with rust resistance in outdoor environments. The toilet seat is a hard, dense plastic that can take years to use. It’s screwed to the frame, so it’s not going anywhere in a hurry.

The portable frame can be used with traditional plastic trash bags, or with special “bio bags”. Any size of 8 gallons will work well. Simply wrap the bag around the seat and your body weight will keep it in place.

If you are preparing in a camp in the forest, or somewhere discreet, you can also place the Green Elephant over a pit.

The height of the unit and the standard size seat are perhaps the best features of this model. With a height of 16.4 “, about the height of a regular toilet, the Travel toilet is a good option for people looking for a little more comfort in the open air.It has a wide seat that is much more comfortable and cozy than the seats narrow and small in most traditional camping models.

You do not have to squat, so this is a great option for seniors, pregnant women or anyone else who finds the usual position of crouching behind a tree uncomfortable. Even the smallest people will notice a great difference in comfort with this unit.

It even has a built-in toilet paper hook!

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