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Posted by on July 7, 2018

Whether for small cleaning companies or facilities that operate under limited budgets, used floor scrubbers often have a great deal to offer. A properly refurbished used floor scrubber can provide service every bit as reliable and effective as a new one, while costing far less. A quick look at some of the most popular models on the secondary market at the moment will reveal that there is a pre-owned floor scrubber well suited to any situation and set of requirements.

Best-Selling Used Scrubbers Combine to Cover Plenty of Ground

One reason why many businesses look past used scrubbers by default is a belief that buying a pre-owned machine will necessarily mean compromising. In practice, the leading suppliers of such equipment maintain inventories such that a perfectly suitable pre-owned scrubber should always be available. Some of the models that most often fit the bill for particular buyers today include:

Pioneer Eclipse. Lightweight scrubbers with relatively limited power and low speeds of operation are typically some of the least expensive of all. At the same time, some such models can serve perfectly well in places where tight spaces are more of an issue than huge expanses of floor to be scrubbed. The Pioneer Eclipse is one such machine that regularly receives praise from first, second, third, and later owners. Its 20-inch scrubbing pad is narrow enough that the swing-style Eclipse can easily get anywhere that might need to be scrubbed. The Eclipse can be used for everything from removing built-up wax from hard surfaces to brushing dust and dirt off carpets.

Advance Adfinity. There are also more powerful scrubbers that prioritize agility and mobility in their own interesting ways. Battery-powered scrubbers free operators from being tied down by cords, and that can improve productivity significantly. The generous battery pack that keeps the Advance Adfinity in service allows for plenty of work to be done before it needs to be recharged. At the same time, the scrubber’s pad-assisted movement makes it easy to keep in motion, whatever the situation.

NSS Wrangler. When a scrubber with a wider pad is desired, it can easily pay to look into a fully self-propelled system. The NSS Wrangler is the perfect fit for many buyers who find that a somewhat larger and more powerful scrubber is needed.

Many More Refurbished Scrubbers to Consider

With these being only a few of the most popular pre-owned floor scrubbers, there are many more models to consider. As a result, just about any buyer should be able to find a used scrubber well suited to their needs and preferences.


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