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Posted by on March 21, 2019

You have been planning for a trip abroad for months now and it has come true. You mad sure that everything is catered for and you even have copies of your flight itineraries just in case you lose it. You are so happy and are having the time of your life in a destination of your choice. To get more info, click lost or stolen passport. As you are checking through your things in your hotel room, you realize that something important is missing. You are hopeful that maybe you have it in your suitcase, so you check but cannot find it. You are in a foreign land and cannot find your US passport.
Stress starts to set in because you don’t know what to do. You are having so much fun on this trip but it is just about to end because you have to deal with the passport issue. This is such a scary scenario to be in because it is pretty serious. You can try going back to where you visited to find your passport but you cannot find it. You might have lost it or someone picked it from your back. Who cares anyway, it is gone. Before you worry too much, the good news is that you can replace your passport and be on your way back home.
The first thing to do once you realize that you are in this predicament is to go to the US embassy. These are the people who will replace your passport. If you don’t know where the US embassy is in the country you are visiting, go online and check out their website.To get more info, visit expedited passport.  Once you get there, inform them that you have lost your passport and need a replacement. If you are supposed to be traveling back soon, you should tell them so that they can expedite the process.
With that done, you should think about filing a police report. This is only if you are sure that your passport was stolen and not misplaced. The officers will start looking for your passport. In some countries, you have to first have to report your first passport missing before you can apply for a new one. This is why it is an important thing to do.
There is a lot of paperwork you will need to work on to get a new passport. You can start working on that. First, ask the embassy what they will need and then start working on printing the paperwork to have them ready. You will need a new passport photo, you will also fill out some forms. It might also cost you a lot of money so you have to be ready for that. Be patient and wait to get your new passport. Learn more from


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