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Posted by on May 23, 2018

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Selling homes for cash is becoming popular in the major markets today. When selling your home for cash, most cash buyers promise to close the transaction fast, typically within seven days. To get more info, click  One of the main reasons why selling homes for cash is gaining popularity is because it is very straightforward.  Indeed, there is no major difference in terms of the amount of money you will get after selling the home for cash vis a vis selling the home through the conventional means. In this regard, most cash home buying companies are ready and willing to provide between 70-85 per cent of the market value for the home.
However, when selling the home to a residential customer, the transaction might last for six months before it is concluded. It is also important to note that when selling to a residential customer, the house has to be in a perfect condition. This means that you have to spend a fortune to undertake repairs and ensure that the home is in a good condition. The cash home buyers will usually sell the home to another client. For instance, they might consider selling the home by auction. There are also some cash home buyers who opt for selling the home through the open market. There is a lot of work that goes into selling a home.
For instance, you have to take some time to list your desired home for a sale. The whole process might end up taking a long time for most willing home sellers. For those selling their home through the convention means, you have to figure out various things. To get more info, visit  For instance, the property description has to be appealing, for you to increase the chances of getting a good deal. You might also need to hire a competent photographer to improve the chances of getting a good deal for the home.
When selling to a residential buyer, you have to make sure that an inspection of the home is done, and most of the instances you have to pay for the amount that has been spent on the inspection. Needless to say, there are many repair responsibilities that comes with selling the home through the traditional methods. When selling to a cash buyer, you only need to make a call to them, and then proceed to make an offer to you. If the offer they make is appealing, the transaction will be concluded in a few days.Learn more from


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