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Posted by on June 13, 2018

Fans in the wrestling world would the household name of one of the most known professional wrestlers in the history, the man who you have to be beat in order to be called a man, popularly recognized as the Nature Boy, and he is no other than Ric Flair. Ironically, Flair is both hated and loved as a wrestler in all his 36 years of wrestling career, which just shows that he had a left a major impact in the professional wrestling today because of his legacy and of being a legend

Ric Flair is from Memphis, Tennessee, moved around the country until becoming a full time professional wrestler. He took odd jobs from a lifeguard until being recruited in a university for his wrestling stunts, and has being going into the wrestling world ever since. He is most remembered by his fans for his bleached blond golden hair, his handsome looking physique and a suave wrestling style, and later can draw the attention of the crowd because of his ring endurance and charismatic personality which became a trademark of his career.

He was building his legacy with a wrestling association until he almost ended in a serious plane crash, where he broke his back in three places and worse, was asked by the doctors not to wrestle again. But with his guts and will, he conducted rigorous physical therapies and returned again to the ring only after half a year after the accident. Because of the injuries obtained as a result of the plane crash, he changed his wrestling technique to the slick style fans in the wrestling world has known him that has earned him the title of the Nature Boy. Watch this video at and know more about wrestling.

It was in 1985 when he helped create one of the most popular groups in the wrestling world called the Four Horseman. This group was known to have rule breaking tactics that led to holding several championship titles. Even with several controversies and personal feuds with other wrestlers, Flair had clearly established his legacy in the wrestling world. Fans would be heard shouting “woooooo!” as sign of their tribute to him, especially when a wrestler would perform a knife edge wrestling chop to the chest of the opponent, which was considered as Flair’s signature move. Later, wrestling companies would use Ric Flair in the promotion of the industry, sending him to other countries to promote their companies, and more of like an ambassador of the industry.


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