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Posted by on June 13, 2018

Wrestling has become a favorite in most households, and a lot of people love watching it. Everyone has their favorite superstar, and they know them by their names. It could be that you have been an ardent fan of Ric Flair but you do not know much about him. Well, this article has some facts about this great legend so keep on reading.

Ric is considered as one of the best wrestlers in the history of the World Wrestling Federation. Note that he has been in the business for more than a decade and he has also featured in the WWE hall of fame. He worked hard to reach his peak, and he has dominated in the sport for quite some time.
He is also the darling of rap artistes because of his way of living. His robes, chains, rings, and limousines made the rappers love him, and they derived their lifestyle from Ricks’.

It is essential to note that Ric possesses one of the utmost titles in the history of wrestling. Ric was not brought up by his parents and so; he is not sure what his name is. The man was born in Memphis in the year nineteen forty-nine meaning that he is sixty-nine years old. His parents took him to the Tennessee children’s home which was notorious for child abduction and then giving them to rich people.

When he grew up and got out of the children’s home, he met a friend of his who was a wrestler, and he decided to start training with him. Be advised that the training was so intense that Ric almost opted out but his buddy encouraged him to hold tight. Keep in mind that they normally did their exercises because they did not have a better place.

Note that Ric endured the rigorous working out. After that, he became a wrestler, and he began getting gigs frequently. He started in America and then to Japan and many other countries around the world. Life is very unpredictable because Ric almost died in a plane crash in North Carolina as he was going for a gig. The saddest part is that the pilot and another passenger lost their lives while Rick suffered a broken back. His doctor told him that he would not be able to fight again but Ric persisted, and he was back in the ring after eight long months.

Ric Flair had the nine lives of a cat because he survived a lightning strike immediately after getting off a plane. Be advised that it was raining and he had an umbrella in his hand which was thrown in the air and it hit a man who was behind him in the eye. The man died on the spot and Ric was so shocked. Learn more about Ric at


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