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Posted by on July 26, 2021

Are you planning to be getting married or confused on what is the best- Love Marriage or Arranged one? Well, this post may help you to know more about love marriage. There are most of the girls and boys dreamt to have Love Marriage, but are you sure it is successful? Well, before hopping to any decision, it is important to know more about the Love Marriage along with its advantages and disadvantages will help you to decide better than ever.

It should be noted that marriage is considered as the starting of 2nd phase in everyone’s life and this should be so strong, pleasurable and beautiful forever. Marriage can either be arranged or love, but these days most of the people prefer to have a love marriage than getting arranged by their parents. Coming to the Advantages of Love Marriages, the couples can have ownership advantage, which totally lies with the partners. They choose their partners on their own and take the responsibility to sustain the relationship. The disadvantage of this kind of marriage is- Partners can’t blame their parents if anything goes wrong and they have to take all the responsibilities on their shoulders only. Another advantage people can have is a great choice to choose. Yes, individuals have their own choice and wish to get married to the specific person, which is a great advantage. Here, couples meet with each other, share their feelings and if they like each other or know enough about each other, they can plan for getting married. Here, they both know and understand each other already, but when we talk about the disadvantage, sometimes, there’s a lot of anxiety and stress that people go through when they choose to spend their life with someone of their choice.

There are various Advantages and Disadvantages of Love Marriages and one is- Risk factor. The advantage of love marriage is here the young couple hope for lifelong togetherness and risk factor almost eliminates, but at the same time, they often forget that there is a lot of risk of separation in love marriage because usually these marriages are done impulsively. There is another advantage in the love marriage – Better Co-ordination. If the couples know each other already, they will have better co-ordination and they value each other and have awareness with each others’ habits. This can make their lives easier than spending rest of the lives with someone we don’t know. Apart from this, there is much higher compatibility, which will nurture their relationship and will also help them to succeed for better and forever relationship. Also, in such relationship, we can easily see lots of love, respect and care, hence love marriages are often get popularity.

But, we shouldn’t look only the brighter side of the same, and should also check out the cons of the love marriage along with the other details. For more information on the same and to make better decision, consider the suggested blog will support you a lot to know more about love marriage and whether it is good to go or not.