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Al Badie group was founded in 1967, before the foundation of the United Arab Emirates (the UAE founded in 1970). Initially, there were only a few families who participate in the development of the country as well the as the nation through the development and creation of consortiums or personal investment. When Al Badie was established, there are only a few employees who start working, but now the workforce of a company is more than 1000 employees, who is effectively working in diverse sectors of the Al Badie group. The employees are working in the diverse business that includes Telecommunication, Health Care, Manufacturing, Oil and Gas, Water and Electricity, Hospitality, Defence Projects, IT, Marines, Property development, Travel and Tourism, Auto leasing, Rental, Finance and Insurance. At the present time, the Vice President of ABG is Mr. KhaledAl Badie, who is supported by a number of professionals, who have a good academic background and those professionals have the highest academic qualification of MBAs and PhDs. Mr. Khaled Al Badie has a very good education background, he completed MsF in Financial Management from a renowned university, i.e. George Washington University (Washington DC, USA). Apart from the role of Vice President in ABG, Mr. Khaled holds numerous positions in the different businesses of ABG.