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In the United Arab Emirates, there are many companies and the people who are in UAE are familiar with the name of Al Badie group. Most of the people know about the group and the news related to it. The Al Badie group has a strong management team, and it’s Vice President is Mr. Khaled Al Badie. The educational and professional background of Vice President of Al Baide group is very strong. He started his career with ABG in his early age and start playing an active role at the time of his peak career point. He worked in different levels of professions and with his hard work and efforts; he achieved the managerial level and become a VP of Al Badie group. Apart from the professional experience, Mr. Khaled Al Badie has a good educational qualification as well. He completed MSF in Financial Management from the George Washington University (Which is located in Washington, DC, USA), he also did BA dual major in Business Management and Economy from Chapman University (which is located in California, USA). Moreover, he also did some special course in Political Science from Richmond University (which is located in England, UK).

He completed his High School Education in Abu Dhabi from Choueifat International School. He is a hardworking and determined person. He did his education in different-different countries to gain the knowledge and now he is using his knowledge and experience in developing the Al Badie group of companies. Mr. Khaled Al Badie is a key person or a very important person for the Al Badie Group. At the present time, he is serving a position of the Vice President in a very famous and renowned Al Badie group. He is supported by highly qualified professionals to become the VP of a company. He did a lot of hard work to achieve success in his life.