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Every company has some beliefs and motto, in the same way, the Al Badie group of companies has believed that the excellence is only possible when a company has effective teamwork, perfect managerial level, transparent cooperation and a shared approach which is based on the maximum profits and minimum risks.  It is not a cup of tea to manage all high-level clients, it needs a lot of effort to maintain quality and transparency. The VP of a company Mr. KhaledAl Badie understand that every client has its own requirement, which would be completed on the time, so he takes proper care of everything and he manages each and everything very properly and effectively. He has a very good academic background as well as good professional experience, so he is using his knowledge and experience in a very proper way. Here are the few services, which are also provided by a group that includes, underwater services like testing and equipment commissioning, welding, photography, also offers diving equipment and the cleaning and maintenance service of oil tanks. Al Badie group of companies have numerous clients of the different sectors that include oil field service contractors, the ministry of defense, national oil companies, the ministry of interior and the other government departments.

Mr. Khaled Al Badie has a vast experience in their sector, and he is working with a group from a long time. In the group, he manages lots of responsibilities which shows his skills and knowledge in different fields, some of the work that he does in a group is development of trading and industrial relations on international and local levels, finding, establishing, and management of the companies, development of different range of investments and more.