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Every company work for their clients and customers, if they are satisfied, then a company is considered as a successful company. In that scenario, one of the most reputed, well established and renowned company in the UAE is Al Badie Group, it is a family owned business which is managed by Al Badie family. The management team of a group takes special care of all the business of a group. If one wants to operate a business with a clear sense of direction, then it is very important that it will be lead by clearly defined goals. To achieve success in any business, the business owner should have a clear and defined goal, through that process, then people are able to get the sustainable growth, unhampered lows, and highs of business. In the same way, Al Badie group of companies are serving their service and products over the years to their clients, and most importantly, the clients of a company or a group are satisfied with their services or products delivered by them.


Al Badie group has multiple businesses, the company and its team are capable in fulfilling the responsibilities in running a profitable business unit along with that they developed the work culture, so the employees will also have a growth path. The management team not only show the path, but they also focus on the personal growth of the staff members, their skills and expertise and translate it into the comprehensive growth of the company. Mr. KhaledAl Badie, VP of the group have the business excellence and he applied it every area of business, which helps the company to take pride and functioning the rule of the company followed by the integrity and transparency. The company has now more than 1000 employees, which is really a good number.