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In the market, there are many companies and one of the prime companies that is based in the United Arab Emirates is Al Badie Group, it is a company which is owned by the Al Badie family. The group has made its presence in different industries and it is one of the renowned, reputed and well-established group in the UAE. It was founded in 1967, when it was started only a few families participated in it and make a group renowned and reputed in the worldwide area.


Currently, Al Badie group has more than 1000 employees who work in different business activities. The group has made its footprint in different business activities that include the Oil and Gas, Water and Electricity, Defence and Security, Travel and Tourism, Real Estate, Hotels and hospitality, Energy, Healthcare, Telecommunication, marine, Auto Leasing, and Rental Service, Manufacturing, Insurance, and Health care.  The group has the management team which put all their efforts in the success of a company in different business activities. KhaledAl Badie is the Vice President of a group and provides their best service to the group with the help of effective equipment and experienced staff.

The management team of a group has great power and they use all the techniques and equipment to deliver the best service to the customers. Al Badie is determined to strengthen the business relations with the selected international firms, they believe that excellence is possible only through the hard work, transparency, and sharing risks and profits with partners. The company has a great and clear vision which makes it different from the other companies. The group has made a footprint in almost every industry to serve the better service to its customers. They believe in delivering the best work.