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Al Badie Group is not only known for its amazing existence over here from a long time, but its extensive experience in the field of Telecommunication and Fiber Optics. Surely, it works for various sectors today, but telecommunication sector is something, it has drawn on heritage of technical expertise and industry recognized performance.

Mr. khaledAl Badie is the best man of the group and he ensure to run the company in the best possible manner so that the company can deliver the most reliable, high-quality Under Ground Services work in the UAE. The  Al Badie group always ensures to focus in hiring a team of qualified and experienced professionals, who are committed to providing customers with the best available products and services in the power, telecom and construction industries. Apart from this, the group is working so well in other sectors as well ranging from manufacturing industry to oil and gas, financial association and various others.

The Al Badie group is lucky to have very young, enthusiastic and smart CEO who always ensures to perform good for the company as well as the people associated with the same. Also, Mr. Khaled is working very well on some international projects for gaining great name and reputation.