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There are various group of the industries we can see around us, but here is one which is very popular and operate great businesses right from UAE. Here we are talking about the The Al Badie Group of companies, which is owned by the Al Badie family, formed in 1967 and now a well-established, reputed, multi-discipline group based in the United Arab Emirates.

This is the group which is running various top class businesses under one roof. Everything is managed by an expert team, various professionals and directed by Mr. KhaledAl Badie as Vice President and CEO of the company. The group was formed before the foundation of the UAE laid down and that is why it is called the oldest group of the company, which is now progressing very well with a mix of the traditional and modern approach. The group has contributed a lot in terms to the development of the country and the nation, via personal investments, by offering jobs to the people along with the development and creation of consortiums of co-investors.

Currently, the Al Badie is one of the largest group and employing hundreds of thousands of employees which are contributing to diverse the business activities that include everything from real estate to insurance, tourism and hospitality, oil and gas, defence projects, Auto leasing, marine and various others. This is the group which is determined to strengthen business relations with all national and international firms and commencing up few or more projects with lots of international firms. It was believed to be worked with the honest and pro active approach and with great knowledge and skills of the CEO of the company Mr. Khaled everything is moving on the track. He is the man with his great tactics and knowledge has taken the group to the next level and today it is internationally renowned.