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Do you know about Mr. Khaled and the group he is running successfully? Well, Mr. Khaled is a personality who is known not just in UAE, but all over the world due to his ultimate work in the various domains.

Coming to Al Badie group of companies it is the oldest and most famous group in UAE and always believed to work hard in order to get extreme level of success via effective teamwork, transparent co-operation and a shared approach. As well as the team under the supervision of khaledAl Badie always ensures to go on the basis of minimum risk and maximum profit.

Talking about the group, there is nothing on which it doesn’t deal with and covers every possible thing from real estate to IT, to Water & Electricity, Oil & Gas, Defence Projects, Auto Leasing & Rental, insurance and various others. The Al Badie is very much determined to strengthen relationships with carefully selected international firms as well as it has invested in various future projects in all over the world, including India to expand the goodwill and size of the firm for more profit, sales and to help every person who is associated with the group.