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Cannabis edibles are one of the most popular ways to consume the herb. They offer a wide range of benefits and available in huge variety at online stores. Firstly, they get you rid of the health risks associated with smoking. They are also a more convenient and discreet way to ingest marijuana. They give you the longest lasting and strongest high possible. The high from edibles is different as compared to smoking or vaping. It is more potent and lasts for hours. Edibles in Canada come in different sizes, shapes and flavors and include chocolates, gummies, gourmet, soda, waffles, mints and more. Dispensary and stores stock up on a variety of treats as more and more users are embracing this delivery method. However, those who are thinking about trying this method would wonder exactly how long do these products last. Today, we talk about the effects and duration of these cannabis products.


How Long Do Edibles Take To Kick In?

Users consuming edibles start feeling the effects after about 30 minutes and peak effects are felt at 2-3 hours after consumption. This means that you start feeling that you are high between 30-120 minutes after eating a marijuana-infused snack. You can enjoy the benefits of cannabis in the form of your favorite treats available in exciting flavors and types at some of the best online weed store in Canada such as It is important to give time to these products to take effect before taking the next dose. If you eat up too much, you are likely to get more powerful effects which may not always be desirable. The time taken by edibles to kick in depends on some factors like metabolism. Those who can digest them faster will feel the effects faster.

What Happens When You Eat Edibles?

Consuming edibles is different from smoking cannabis. While the effects from inhalation are quick, it takes some time for ingested marijuana to show effects. Smoked herb enters the system instantly through lungs while edible cannabis needs to be digested and processed before entering the bloodstream. When you take an edible purchased at an online store or dispensary in Canada, it passes through the stomach and then gets converted into a more potent form of THC to make you feel more powerful psychoactive effects as compared to inhaling the same quantity of cannabis.

How Long Does the High Last?

Edibles are popular for their long-lasting effects and sold at some of the best online dispensary in Canada at affordable prices. They are preferable by those who want lasting relief from serious symptoms like pain and anxiety. The high produced by edibles lasts for 4-12 hours. Peak effects are seen at 2-4 hours after consumption. Though it is natural to feel after effects, the high goes off within 24 hours. There are many factors that affect how long edibles last and how potent the high is.


When you buy weed online in Canada, you get instructions about dosage with the products. If you end up taking a very large dose, the effects may last longer than 4-12 hours. The standard recommended dose is 10mg for edible products but beginners might feel effects from smaller servings. Products like chocolate bars and gummies sold at online stores and dispensary can be used for multiple servings. It is important to start low and go slow with any new product.


A person’s metabolism affects how fast the high from cannabis is experienced. This is much similar to alcohol. Those with fast metabolism will feel the effects sooner while slow metabolism results in more delayed effects.


A marijuana user’s gender directly affects the effects and duration. Women may experience different effects from the same quantity of THC than men. They need less of the product to get a similar high.


An user’s THC tolerance affects the duration of high from edibles. A regular weed user may not feel the effects so longer as a beginner. Those who are new to cannabis should not consider edibles because the high can be too potent and unpleasant. Online sources offer numerous cannabis products aimed at helping newbies get started with their weed journey.

How Much Should I Take?

When it comes to dosing cannabis-infused foods and drinks, it gets a little tricky. Dosages are based on the milligrams of THC the product contains. Most gummies and chocolate bars sold at dispensary in Canada feature this information on the labels. Your ideal dosage also depends on your tolerance. While the recommended dose for beginners is less than 10mg, experienced users can take higher doses up to 20 to 40 mg. It is also possible to use these products for microdosing. Smaller doses are easy to manage and don’t last so long. Products like chocolate bars sold at online weed dispensary in Canada can be easily divided into small THC servings to help you control the doses.

Enjoying the Lasting High from Edibles

Of all the products available at Canada dispensary, edibles are the most potent and long-lasting. A lot of users report that they enjoy long hours of high they get from these products as compared to smoking. They also prefer gummies and pills due to reduced health risks associated with inhalation. Medical marijuana patients who are advised to avoid smoking find these products really comfortable. A convenient, sustained experience is more preferable over short, potent high once the ideal dosage is determined.

While this can take some experimentation, you should remember to start low and go slow. Begin with small doses of your favorite treat and gradually increase it until you feel the desired effects. It is important to note that all products are not created equal and different strains of cannabis, varying concentrations of THC and the quality of products can all affect how you feel. Consider buying from reputed brands offered at online dispensary and stores for Canada buyers. Do some research about the brand and product to see what you should expect and make sure you get the desired results.


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