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In the UAE, there are many companies who are working in different sectors, but the customers always look for the company which is renowned and reputed and delivered the best outcomes. One of the old, experienced, well-established company is Al Badie group which has a number of employees who are delivering their hard work in different business activities. The group has trained staff, and even the management team of the company makes it more powerful. The VP of Al Badie group is KhaledAl Badie and they work on the rule of a group to achieve success. People of a group believing is transparency, hard work and sharing the risk, profits and loss with partners.

Al Badie group has more than thousand employees who are contributing their services and skills in different fields that look to excel in other fields like water and electricity, water development, health care, IT, marines, travel and tourism, oil and gas, defence projects, auto leasing and rental, manufacturing, hospitality, hospitals, insurance and health care. The company is determined to strengthen the business and keep a safe deal with international firms. Al Badie group is a family-owned business of Al Badie family. The Al Badie group of company is owned by the respected Al Badie  family, and at the present time, it is a group with multiple lines of business which have grown from strength to strength.

The group of companies makes their presence in almost every sector, and their transparent policy and teamwork make it different from the other companies. The true dedication of employees and management helps the company to grow faster in the right path and in a positive way. With great work, it set a benchmark in the international firms.