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Mr. Khaled is known for various reasons and his amazing skills, talent and thought process is just not for one sector, but he is working with numerous sectors for the development and growth. Apart from auto leasing and rental, marine, healthcare, manufacturing industry, hotels and hospitality and various others, Travel and tourism is something the group has earned ultimate opportunities and name.

Mr. khaledAl Badie is managing the Al Badie Travel Agency, which was founded in 1977 under the visionary leadership of Mohammed Juan Rashid Albadie Al Dhaheri. It is important to note that it is the IATA-SSI agency and it is now known as the General Sales Agent for leading carriers. It is successfully working with everything from- Japan Airlines to Czech Airlines, Adria and various others and the agency helps define and execute all aspects of a dream holiday.

Yes, no matter from where you are coming to explore UAE, Khaled Al Badiedubai and the team has made all the necessary arrangements for you to make your holiday the best over here. It offers the amazing tour packages, hence anyone can easily ensure to pick up the best one as per the requirements and needs. The Al Badie group of tourism ensure their guests to taste all the famous places and activities, including cruises and safaris.