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Mr. Khaled is vice president and CEO of the ABG, which is the oldest and renowned group and working day and night just to gain a lot of advantages of the businesses he is doing with the excellent team members. Recently, khaledAl Badie has planned to invest in the real estate projects of AGB in India and this is something will bring amazing business and employment opportunities to the people.

For now Al Badie group is looking for the financing sources and partners in order to move up with the real estate projects as well as it is having a regular connections with the banks for proceeding with the property development projects. We all know that the growing estate sector in India is attracting many foreign realtors, and Al Badie group is the one which doesn’t miss out on the chance. Mr. Khaled has great plans to be implemented over here and that is why he has been looking for joint venture partners for its group Indian projects.

Everything is fixed up and very soon we can check the group to start developing the best estates for the people in order to push the group to the next level.