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Do you know about Mr. Khalid Mohammed Juan rashed Al-Badie Al-Dhaheri? He is the one who is not known because of his post of the Vice Chairman at Al Ain Ahlia Insurance Co and the chairman of the Al Badie Group, but for the best work in the industry. He has received his graduate degree from George Washington University and back to the country in order to meet the requirements of the nation. The group is dealing in various domains- real estate, insurance, hospitality, auto leasing and rental along with other various businesses.

When it comes to the business success, Mr. khaledAl Badie has played an important role as well as with the support of pro-active team at Al Badie Group of Companies everything has changed and now the group is well renowned. The mission of the company is to deliver nothing, but to attain ultimate excellence in every area of business, taking pride in and functioning within the ambit of our historical legacy of integrity and transparency. Yes, the group is very well-known in offering high quality services in every sector as well as it always wants to do great reforms so that everyone gets satisfied.

Customer satisfaction, excellence of the services and offering affordable prices are something they take into consideration and running on the same path they can easily help the people in meeting their requirements. As the Al Badie group is too old, however, it has got years of experience which is nothing in front of any. The group followed all the traditions, opt everything which is a part of the new economy, understood what exactly the people are looking for, and ensured to made great plans for a successful business ahead. There are other lots of amazing services the group is offered which is developing not only a particular region, but the whole country.