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As each company has its own products or services and according to that they work in the market in order to deliver the best service. In the UAE, most of the people know about the AlBadie Group. Al Badie group offers the consultation and advisory services for the projects, which are related to heavy commercial vehicle or equipment, defense, oil and gas field high-end products, a supply of relevant spare parts and services. The company has signed an agreement with Minsk Wheel Tractor Plant for the delivery of the heavy duty tank transporters, whose total capacity is 136 t, they deliver the heavy duty tank transporter to the UAE GHQ armed forces. VOLAT is specially launched and designed for the requirements of the UAE GHQ armed force, they want to expand its presence over the world and it has an amazing design which will meet the requirements of demanding customers in the International markets. The agreement between the companies will really workable, and it is one more step ford by Al Badie towards success. Al Badie group is a company which is owned by Al Badie family, it is a family owned business.

A company is serving in almost all industries, so it has a number of clients in every industry and sector. The employees of a company work in diverse business activities that include water and electricity, auto leasing and rental, travel and tourism, defense and security, telecommunications, earth moving machinery, property development, health care, oil and gas services, insurance, marine, manufacturing industry and last but not least finance. The VP of a company is Mr. KhaledAl Badie. He completed his degree from the renowned university and has a vast experience in the different business field that makes him capable of managing the position of VP in such a big group of companies.