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You might know various famous personalities in your life, but here we will talk about one of the best and creative chairman who has attained everything in such a young age. Where other people have fun and get all the entertainment, he is the one indulged his lots of time in making great plans, studying and researching various facts and figures to be implemented for getting the best results.

Here, we are talking about Mr. khaledAl Badie who is the chairman of the ABG the very famous group of UAE and offers ultimate help and support by offering great business ideas. He is into various businesses and Al Ain Ahlia insurance company is one of them which is very famous and progressing day by day. This is the insurance company which is into various sectors, including- motor to engineering, health and life, the marine, energy, aviation and properties and working so well in the market. The Al Badie group is successfully running various business along with the insurance company and this is something improving the profit and income of the group along with the goodwill which is expanding the size and shape of the company.

Mr. Khaled is well educated and skilled and strongly believes that the private sector has unlimited capabilities and it can play a major role in the development of not just in a particular area, but also the overall country. That is why the Al Badie is known for spreading the branches all over the countries, including- India to USA, Germany and other lots of countries and stands as an example that a private concern can play a major role in the development of economy not  just the public sector. Mr. Khaled has undergone with various research and studies and developed the overall skills and talent to take the group to the new heights and he actually did the same.