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The Al Badie group of companies was founded in 1967 and it is owned by the Al Badie family. Most of the people know about the services and products served by the Al Badie group. When a company was started, there were only a few employees who started working with a company, but now there are more than 1000 employees, who are working for the Al Badie group. The main motto of Al Badie group is to deliver excellence while maintaining their values of integrity and transparency because they believe that excellence is only possible through the hard teamwork by the reliable employees, transparency, a good employee at all levels and shared approach, based on the minimum risks and maximum profits. The VP of Al Badie group is Mr. KhaledAl Badie, and as the VP of Al Badie Group, he has to perform many activities and roles, and his dedication makes the graph of company success high. He is the VP of a company and he manages each and everything of Al Badie group of companies very well.

The Al Badie has diversified business activities that include every industry from IT companies and property development to Travel and tourism, water and electricity, oil and gas, defense projects, marine, auto leasing and rental, insurance, finance, general manufacturing, hospitality, hotels, health care, telecommunications, and earth moving machinery. Thus, to deal with these huge departments or clients, a company needs the talented and experienced managerial level and staff members, who are well capable in dealing with such clients and to provide them the best and suitable services and products. Now, Al Badie group has signed an agreement with World Securities for the best and reliable security services and solutions.