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The people who are living in the UAE know very well about the Al Badie group of companies, who are working in a number of sectors. Almost, in every sector, Al Badiecompanies have its presence. A company offers the jobs to a number of people, who can work in the different sectors of a company. It is very important that the managerial level of a company should be strong, due to which company performs well in the market. The VP of Al Badie group is Mr. KhaledAl Badie. At the present time, Mr. Khaled Al Badie is the VP of ABG, and apart from this he holds a numerous positions as well, that includes MD (Managing Director) of the North Trading Management Establishment – ABG, Managing Director of the North Property Management Establishment – ABG, Managing Director of the South Trading Management Establishment – ABG, MD of Al Badie Travel Agency, CFO (Chief Financial Officer) – ABG, Chair of the Finance and Investment Committee – ABG, Chair of the Projects Owner Committee – ABG, Vice Chairman of Al Ain Al Ahlia Insurance Company and the Chair of the investment Committee – Al Ain Al Ahlia Insurance company. It is not easy to handle a number of positions at the same time.