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UAE is famous for various reasons- the market, ultimate life, the food, the vibrant places and because of the ABG group. There are lots of tourists come from all over the world and ensure to have the best time they ever had before in their life. In order to support the nation, the Al Badie group is formed and spread the branches in almost every sector listed below.

When it comes to the defense and security, the very same group is contributing amazing role in the same and by working to good and in the best possible manner, it has got immense growth and success. The company’s expertise has led to great interest in several Middle East clients and earned ultimate clients along with the profit. It supplies a lot of things to the military, including the hardware and other essential and quality accessories which the military needs for ultimate protection and defense in Abu Dhabi.

The company is running successfully with the support of Mr. khaledAl Badie who is the chairman and owner of the group and monitoring everything closely. With the help of this skills and education and the understanding the market of the security and defense he has provided ultimate solutions to make the business on the top. That is why the group is honored to have played a key role in the development of world’s largest 8×8 on -road/off, including -road Tank Transporter and the heaviest 8×8 Recovery Vehicle. This was absolutely the biggest project for the Khaled Al Badie, but everything has gone smoothly and got great success. Both were developed with the concept of the outcome of a blend of Western dynamic components and Eastern advanced heavy automotive engineering which is the best to offer a unique chassis design, axles and independent suspension.