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Lots of people know about the Al Badie group of companies, which is based in the UAE. The people of the UAE are much familiar with this group of companies. AlBadie group is serving in numerous industries and sectors, so there are a number of employees (more than 1K+) and there are lots of people who are looking forward to working with the group. It is not easy to manage all the diversified business efficiently, to manage a business in a proper way, every company needs good management and staff member, which is the backbone of a company. Mr. Khaled Al Badie is the Vice President of the Al Badie group of companies, who play a very strong role in the success of a group. He also holds many roles in the Al Badie group of companies.

Every company wants to achieve success, but it won’t be possible without putting efforts and without taking risks, if one is not able to face the risk, then one can’t do business. The VP of a company Mr. Khaled Al Badie works with passion, he believes that without risk no business will get success. The experiences of team and management people added a lot of benefits to the business. Hence, the VP of Al Badie group has a vast experience in the field that covers a wide range of business fields such as carpet manufacturing, direct trading, indirect trading (through agents). oil and gas services, finance and economy consultancy, water and electricity services, paper manufacturing, project development in the defense sector that serve the UAE armed forces, stocks trading, travel and tourism, manufacturing of disposal medical aids equipment. He has experience in various business fields, and now he is able to use his experience and apply in the business to get the desired realist for the group.