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Al Badie group offers the heavy duty vehicles, Earthmoving equipment and spare parts. The company offers many products that include drilling jars, rotary reamers, drilling shock absorbers, lift subs, integral blade stabilizers, casing centralisers, fishing jars, drill bits, drill collar slips, rotary slips, kelly saver subs, steel drill collars, drill collar lamps, non magnetic drill collars, bumper subs, heavy wall drill pipes and rotary kellys. Al Badie group also offers the consultation and advisory services for the projects, which are related to heavy commercial vehicle or equipment, defence, oil and gas field high end products, a supply of relevant spare parts and services, as well as power and desalination equipment. The company also provides a wide range of products related to drilling, petrochemical plants, and oil & gas services. Moreover, it also supplies products to military, commercial, waterborne crafts and military. It also offers the diagnostic services that include fertility profiles, hormone assay studies, pathology, bacteriology, histo pathology, haematology, immunology and the allergy profiles. Apart from these products and services, there are many more services which are provided by the Al Badie group of companies. They made a footprint in all industries and serving the best quality products and services to the people. The VP of a company is Mr. KhaledAl Badie.