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Every company work for their clients and customers, if they are satisfied, then a company is considered as a successful company. In the same way, Al Badia group of companies are serving their service and products over the years to their clients, and most importantly, the clients of a company or a group are satisfied with their services or products delivered by them. It is not a cup of tea to manage all high level clients, it needs a lot of effort to maintain the quality and transparency. The main motto of Al Badie group is to deliver excellence while maintaining their values of integrity and transparency because they believe that excellence is only possible through the hard teamwork by the reliable employees, transparency, a good employee at all levels and shared approach, based on the minimum risks and maximum profits. The VP of a company Mr. KhaledAl Badie works with passion, he believes that without risk no business will get success. He is the VP of a company and he manages each and everything of Al Badie group of companies very well.