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Do you know about the Al Badie Group of Companies? Well, it is a very renowned and old group of UAE, was formed in 1967 before the UAE was actually came into an existence. This is the group which has long believed that excellence is possible through effective teamwork, innovative approaches, transparent co-operation and a shared approach based on minimum risk and maximum profit.

The ABG is known for the diversified business activities, today, and it is into each and every business from Property Development to IT, oil and gas, security and defence, Water & Electricity, Travel and Tourism, Marine, Insurance, Finance and everything else which the human and business needs. Mr. khaledAl Badie is the group’s chairman and more than earning, believes in strengthening relationships with carefully selected international firms and give people ultimate satisfaction.

Talking about its oil and gas services, it really plays an important role in the economy and the company plays the three-fold function as a general trading company. Their three-fold offering comes up with the huge accountability and works very well with the top level international companies in order to represent the nation. As said more than earning money, company believes in offering full satisfaction and peace, however, the agenda of the company is to give cost-effective solutions along with hi-tech products and services to clients in the business of oil and gas. Even, the Al Badie is also into the drilling, petrochemical sector and allied industries and getting huge success, name and profit. That is why it has worked with the Abu Dhabi National Oil Company (ADNOC) and its subsidiaries, and this shows how amazing the suggested company is contributing with others and getting enormous success. All in all, ABG is now reaching new heights under the leadership of Mr. Khaled and it will go on forever. To find out more about the group and the renowned chairman, please visit the suggested source.