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Posted by on February 16, 2019

In Georgia, roofing installations require property owners to make several choices. First, the owner must choose a roofing material and manage the removal of their existing roofing. Next, the project is scheduled after the roofers obtain the proper permits for the installation. Reviewing FAQs with a Roofing Company Atlanta helps property owners make better decisions about their roofing.

How Does the Owner Know When A New Roof is Needed?

The contractor completes an entire inspection of the roofing. Any damage that is found is recorded on a damage report. The damage report includes an estimate for the repairs. A comparison of the repair costs and the cost of a new roof determine which choice is more feasible.

How Much Will the New Roof Cost?

The contractor completes an estimate according to the roofing materials selected by the property owner. The estimate includes all supplies needed for the project, labor costs, and any additional fees. The contractor will explain the cost of any other roofing concepts of interest.

Are Gutters Replaced at the Same Time?

The gutters are replaced only if the property owner chooses. However, the installation must be inspected thoroughly and ensure that the gutters are working properly. The gutters are used to prevent serious property damage and force water away from the property. If they are failing, water could leak into the ceiling and the walls. Roofers Atlanta complete repairs after discussing the issues with the property owner.

How Long Does It Take to Install a Roof?

The average turnaround time for the roofing installation is between three and four days. However, some factors could play a role in causing delays. The weather conditions and any underlying damage that wasn’t discovered initially can delay the roofing installation.

What Does the Owner Do If Leaks are Found?

Any leaks or damage that is found after the roofing installation are reported to the contractor. Most contractors provide a thirty-day guarantee for their work, and they will correct any issues during the first month. Roof Repair Atlanta performed for initial issues won’t lead to any costs for the property owner.

In Georgia, roofing companies help property owners make selections about roofing designs. The installations provide additional protection for the property and prevent leaks inside the walls and ceiling. A new roofing design can also improve the aesthetics of the home. Property owners who want to discuss a new roof installation or a Window Replacement contact a contractor right now.

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