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Posted by on May 29, 2019

A skin scrubber is an essential tool for any esthetician like the Esty Spot out there. If you can get a cordless handheld one, your job shall be made even easier. You shall thus proceed to cleanse, exfoliate, and even do desincrustation. This tool is indeed useful when it comes to giving your clients the kind of facial they have always dreamt of.

You shall find that manual cleansing and exfoliation takes quite a bit of time. When you have this tool, the process will not take more than two minutes to be done. You will need to moisten the skin using some distilled water and a brush. You then turn on the device and pick a sensitivity level. You then need to pass it over the client’s skin to cleanse it. There shall be the creation of some small bubbles as the waves from the brush make contact with the water. Those bubbles shall then penetrate the skin to push out dirt, oil, and debris, as it also fills the skin with moisture. The dead skin and oil will build up on the blade when the device clears out all congested pores. You need to wipe it with a handy towel. Read more at

You should then do an extraction on the skin by use .of steam. You shall read more here about how to perform the perfect extraction. After extraction, you need to apply a serum on the skin to calm it. The serum will take some time to be absorbed into your skin, on account of it having been hydrated well. You shall, therefore, benefit from the next step, which is designed to help you keep the serum and any other product intact. You shall use the device to gently massage the skin and allow the serum to be absorbed in the process. Sound waves shall enable the products to pass through the skin in the process.

This, therefore, is a tool that shall serve so many purposes when it comes to giving your clients facials. There is also an advantage in the fact that it is an affordable product to buy. You shall manage to get enough of them in your beauty shop. It will make for an efficient and effective way to attend to your clients, as it will take much shorter to give a facial, with guarantees results. This is how you manage to please them and treat them to something different from what they are used to. Get more details here:


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