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Posted by on December 11, 2018

Employees play a huge role in the smooth running and operation of any business enterprise ranging from the small businesses to big companies. Usually, the employees work for payment and they periodically expect their income. It therefore becomes very necessary to establish a well-functioning payroll service that will process the employees paychecks after a specific period that has been agreed upon. This article provides more information on how to successfully establish a working payrolls for small businesses and enterprises.

Firstly, the employer will need a confirmed number of the employees that are working at the establishment and have them fill a withholding allowance (W-4) form. The W-4 form contains information which will be used to estimate the correct amount of state income tax that the employer will withhold from the paychecks received by the employees. It is recommended that employees fill new W-4 forms at the end of each financial year or whenever there is a significant change in their financial situation or that of the business. The employees then acquire tax credit identification numbers which are commonly printed atop payment checks.

Secondly, a schedule of payment is selected by the employer to determine the duration over which the periodic payrolls are processed. At the end of the period, the employer calculates income taxes on the employees paychecks and witholds them. Employees who claim more allowances on their W-4 form have lesser tax witheld on their income. The total amount of tax witheld from the employees is then paid by the employer to the state as federal income tax on the business.

Thirdly, after the employer has paid federal income tax to the government, he files annual tax forms and W-2 forms that report the total income and tax on an employee’s paycheck at the end of each financial year. This is basically the payroll processing procedure for any size of business whether small, medium-size or enterprise company. Proper payroll processing is important to prevent income losses and ensure proper planning on the required number of employees to be hired according to the size of the business.

Alternatively, online payroll processing services can be used whereby the information required is filled onto online W-4 forms and the processing is executed by a computerized methodology. This creates a paperless form of operations such as making payments, tax calculations, hiring and employee identification. It is also advantageous as the common errors that are caused on paper are greatly minimized by online payroll processing since a larger number of employees can be handled in the shortest possible time. The cost of issuing physical checks is also reduced significantly. This site has more info about modern payroll processing here:


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