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Posted by on March 19, 2019

There are a lot of delicious seafood options that you can cook in this day and age. Out of your many options, crabs present the perfect opportunity to create a wide array of delicacies that you will never get enough of. Before you shop for crab and order them, you have to know what you are getting yourself into and what type of crab best suits the recipe that you have in mind.

If you are planning to cook a Cajun crab delicacy, you should consider going for soft shell crabs. Nonetheless, you can cook and create a lot of recipes when you buy soft shell crab. Before you begin exploring the many recipes that you can cook using soft shell crabs, this site will give you some noteworthy facts about these crabs first.

When you talk about soft shell crabs, you might be wondering at first if such crabs really exist. Normally, a crab has a hard shell. However, before they can grow bigger, they have to shed their hard shell. Crabs often shed their hard shell once every month. You refer to this shedding process as molting. Each time the crab will go through this process, it will grow larger to about thirty-three percent.

Once a hard-shell crab molts, they will just crawl out of their current shell. For female crabs, they often molt between eighteen and twenty times in their entire lifetime. Male crabs, on the other hand, molt between twenty-one and twenty-three times. You have to remember, however, that as the crab grows older, the molting process becomes less easy for them. It is common for a crab to die while going through the molting process.

The duration of time that the crab crawls out of their hard shell is the time that they have a soft shell. This is what Cajun cooks pay the most attention to. The soft-shell crab offers an excellent eating option. Once it is weak due to molting, it would be much easier to catch them. Crabs are only known to molt while in water.

While in the state of molting, there are various ways for soft shell crabs to be caught. Scapping is one of the most common methods used. For this method to be done, a net with a long handle is required. It must then be waded through the shallow water so that molting crabs can be found. The moment they are spotted, you can just scoop them easily using your net.

You can buy soft shell crabs from a lot of places in your local markets to your local grocery stores. Just be sure that you know how to clean crabs before you decide to cook them. View here and order now!

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