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Posted by on December 7, 2018

(Easy) automatic way to find router IP address

Start with an automated, ready-to-read version that scans your network for a few seconds to find real people:

The public IP of your router is:

This is the information below that we know about your current public network IP.

The public IP address of the router VPN With spam blocking service, you can hide your IP address and location and you can hide the web (and download items) without worrying about what you do.

Your router has a local (private) IP:
For your internal network, you need to check the network for a little while to see what your router has to say. Click the button to continue.

Router Private IP:
19 2,168.43.1 open
Your device’s IP:
Click here to continue the investigation.
Hard (not real) / manual route to find your router’s IP address
To find the IP address manually, you must either manually check or run some simple steps and / or commands, depending on your system.

Before you do anything else

It’s still an easy way to find your router’s IP address immediately. Try one of the links below and see if the router’s web interface pages are displayed:
Find your router’s local address on Windows
Make sure you are connected to the network.

  1. Win + Win
  2. Opens a prompt to open
  3. How to get a router IP on Windows – Step 1: At the command prompt, type cmd
  4. Enter the CMD and press Enter.
  5. The command prompt opens
  6. At the command prompt, type: ipconfig | Findstr / i “gateway” and press enter.

How to Get Router IP on Windows –

Step 2: Enter Command at Command Prompt
Your default gateway might look something like
Note: Sometimes there may be two entries output: a combination of letters and numbers separated by a period (as above) and a semicolon with another (:)


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