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Posted by on May 24, 2019

Look for any signs of moisture – the very last thing that you want to do is to finish the basement during winter season and have it flooded during the spring. Make sure to inspect the space for any cracks as well as signs of moisture before renovation is done.

Plan for an open layout – make sure to hire a professional like the basement builders oakville for this matter. You can voice out your ideas to the professional and what would you want to achieve so that you can plan it well with them. Dont overthink the layout, you just need to finish the outside walls and keep it an open concept. In the end, this is just anything but a space.

Seal the entry of pest points – keep in mind that you have tiny roommates who tend to leave their leftover food and just poop anywhere they want. Make sure to keep these rodents away by means of sealing the exterior points of entry. The insects and rodents are most likely one of the main turn offs of the probable buyers.

Add a storage room – it is certain that a lot of people would love large sized basement storage rooms. The benefit of adding a storage area is that it will not require to be done just the same with the rest of the basement which denotes that it will save you money from the finishing costs. Construct simple storage areas created from 2 x 4 and 3/4 inch plywoods. This typically costs about a couple of hundreds of dollars, on the other hand, this will be very beneficial for you.

Stick to your budget – paint may be the best choice if you have a low budget particularly when you deal with something such as old wood panel basement did not flag huge problems on the house inspection. The moment the was are opened up, there is a probability that you will expose more than you have bargained for and the probability of going a budget significantly increases. In case you dont have the money to renocate extensively, then make sure to make a presentable renovation now and do so in the future if you already have the resources to do so. You can hire the basement builders oakville for the best basement renovations.

Choose the flooring very well – the very reason why we dont see real hardwood in the basement is because the humidity level is not stable which expands and contracts the wood products which is more than their engineered capability. For this reason, laminate is a famous option because it has a low price and is very easy to install. Wall to wall carpeting must be the first thing to be removed in renovation except in the basements. Having a nice plush carpet in the basement would make it a cozy space. To know more about basement renovations click here:


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