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Posted by on March 2, 2019

Cannabis has been greatly used nowadays by most of the people because it has a medicinal value that is able to treat so many health conditions. You realize that many people have realized the benefits of cannabis and with that, they have embraced it as the best method of treatment. What most of the people aren’t aware of is that cannabis comes in two types that are Indica and Sativa but both of them have medicinal value. The differences of both cannabis are the effects that it is able to bring in the body each having different experiences.

Below are the difference between indica and sativa. You find that the cannabis Indica plants are n much shorter when they are growing compared to the Sativa which always grows tall. The fact that the indica is short made it have short and wide leaves compared to those of the Sativa. You can easily be able to tell the difference between the two right from the structure.

Most of the time you find that due to their nature, cannabis indica grow faster than the Sativa which might take a bit longer before starting to yield. The faster the growth of the indica the higher the yields and also you find that it has the highest content of cannabis. Most of the Cannabis Sativa have lower maturity rate and you find that it might take some time before it can start yielding. Click here for more information.

The cannabis Sativa requires a lot of light to mature and where the is no light it may not be able to grow will. You realize that Sativa always has lower CBD content as compared to the Indica. The indica is efficient when taken at night while the Sativa is taken during the day. You find that those who take the Indica tends to have increased appetitive more than those who take the Sativa.

Cannabis Indica you realize that it can only handle the acute pain and for any person who might be having a chronic pain the best to use is the Sativa. The good thing about both of them is that they are able to relieve pain making one to feel comfortable and more relaxed. The Sativa is one of the best anti-depressants that you can ever have and that is to mean one has low risks of getting stress while the indica helps in general mental relaxation. While the indica helps in a great way in body relaxation you find that the Sativa provides more energy in the body. For more information about marijuana, click this link:


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