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Posted by on August 17, 2018

With the many things in life, there can be no straightforward answer to the certain question of the total cost in self-publishing a book. If ever that you are in the very tight budget, then the good news is that that you can publish your book into various platforms in as low as zero amount. Excluding the time, of course. But that can always be assuming that you can do every part of the self-publishing of your book by yourself. So, let us try to look at the various elements of the self-publishing and see what are the things that are involved.

In writing your book, unless that you are a rich person and you are a famous one, the chances is that you will be able to do this yourself rather than you are going to hire for the ghost writer. So the cost will only involve the software that you are going to type your words into. And the good thing is that you every computer now comes with those basic word processor that is already built-in the computer that will provide you with the access to the computer making is at no cost to you at all when you plan to write a book. You can also try to download the free office software that will suit to your computer or your laptop. Click here for more.

When it comes to the proofreading and editing, there are service that will take care both of these for you. You can use the specialist firms or you can try to use the vendors on the sites. Just make sure that you have to check into the reviews first in whatever site you choose or go into.

In creating a cover for your book, then it is worth outsourcing if you are graphically challenged. There are actually places that you can go to that will help you to design for you book for only $5 upwards. You can also get the royalty free images that you are allowed to use which will certainly cost anything from the free amount up to some small fee. Just make sure that you have check into the rival books in in the different sites that are not using your images so you will not be plagiarized.

One of the tricks that you need to remember is that when you are creating a cover you need to try to see the small thumbnail first. This will mean that you need to try to double check that the proposed cover will look good into thee thumbnail size as well as that in the full-size image that you are seeing it in your computer screen when you plan to design it.

Lastly, in formatting your book, this will depend into how good you are in the word processing and you may decide to outsource this part. IT is very important that you have to remember that there are formatting software that will just cost around $5 and they will cater handful of dollars to be able to have your book be published. Click here for more info:


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