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Posted by on May 1, 2018

Real estate refers to property and more so land and the assets on it. In real estate the investor has the rights over air above the land and underground rights below the land. Real estate is a business opportunity for many investors especially in the industrial world. Real estate is a business that mainly entails buying of land and then selling it with or without value addition with intentions of making profit. There are various types of real estate which include residential, commercial, industrial and land real estate.

Residential real estate at is the most common especially due to the increasing population in the urban areas. Residential real estate involves both buying of land and constructing new houses and also resale of existing homes. Commercial real estate involves buying and selling of houses intended for businesses such as hotels, education buildings and offices. Investors in real estate usually invest more on residential and commercial real estate mainly due to the large number of clients. Industrial real estate mainly deals with buildings that can be used for a factory set up, research or even a warehouse. Industrial   real estate is usually less dynamic as it is usually a life time investment mainly owned by companies.

Land Rochell Property Solutions real estate mainly goes hand in hand with the other three types of real estate as it is from the bare land that they to exist. Land real estate has wined a lot of investors especially with the dynamic increase in population and land is a fixed natural resource. Land real estate involves buying a piece of land and selling and then selling it to other investors after some time.

 Land is a scarce natural resource and it always accelerates in value over time. Real estate involves more value addition to the piece of land such as building residential homes, business houses or even vacation houses depending on the clients that the investors choose to target. Real estate investment has minimal challenges in that it requires a small amount of capital for down payment. Investors especially those new to the real estate business find it easy to secure loans from financial facilities especially due to the low interest rates. Real estate investment is a gradual process as its investors have to observe all the legal procedures put in place by the government. Real estate is among the major, secure and profitable investments that one should think of and go ahead having one. Read more facts about real estate at


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