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Posted by on August 7, 2018


There is a significant misfit in the real estate industry. People have various reasons for selling their houses but have no more than three wasy to do so. Depending on how you label options, there’s probably a fourth: a cash sale, which provides some solid benefits.




A cash buyer will work with you differently, depending on the situation you’re in. Did you just get divorced? Struggling with your mortgage?  Whaever your circumstances, cash buyers can adjust. Besides, they’re not families in search of a house that they can settle into. These are investors who are after profit. Learn more at this website about real estate.


Control Over Closing Date


With an agent at, you will typically not have control over the closing date – not a very good position to be in. With a cash home buyer, they can can close on your schedule. Need to close in five days? They might just accept such a tight timeframe.


“As Is” Purchase


A house is salable- at least typically – if it looks attractive and is fully functional: no broken door knobs, no drain blockage, etc. Cash home buyers will not look at these issues and just deposit cash in your pocket straightaway.  Now that’s better than spending on home improvements that others will benefit from.


Zero Costs


Selling to a cash home buyer at means getting an all-in offer. That’s the exact cash you will get in your bank account. Sometimes, when you factor in the repair costs, you will realize that you actually made more than you could with a conventional sale. Indeed, you will have no fees to think of, no commissions to give to an agent, and just no contingencies. The offer you get is the be all, end all amount.


No Visits from Strangers


Who wants to welcome strangers into their home? Who likes doing that every week or even everyday? It may take a while for a house to be sold, and your agent will probably want to show it to as many people as possible. When selling to a cash buyer, the only stranger you will meet is the buyer himself.


No Financing Issues


Weeks or months pass by and finally, one day, you find a buyer. Near closing time, you hear the news: they didn’t get financing from a bank or lender, or they couldn’t find a rate that is logical for them. The sale doesn’t push through, and by now, your property has been in the market for a while, which isn’t the best thing. A cash buyer eliminates all such possibilities.


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