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Posted by on June 6, 2019


Nowadays, many churches have cropped up. Different churches are preaching different beliefs. It’s now tasking to know the right and Christ’s church. However, when you do peculiar research, you will get clues on the right church to follow. Task to different people and browse various websites in search of details. You will be directed well. The following issues need to be checked when considering a specific church. First, examine how the believers in the church are. These are the church followers. It’s essential to check if they are filled with the Holy Spirit and have values that guide them. This will assist you for they will draw you near to their Christian practices. If they follow the stipulations of the word of God strictly, then such a church is right and has the best believers. You also need to look for a church with intact and unified leadership. This is church leadership that guides the believers in the recommended ways. Check if God anoints the Great Commission Baptist Church Summerville SC leaders. They should lead the church to the Christians way of worship. They should read the bible for Christians through the inspirations given by the Holy Spirit.

Figure out also how the church teaches and preaches to its members. Ways of teachings and preaching should be as per the stipulations of the bible. A true church follows biblical methods when teaching. They use the bible as their reference book. This will guide them to stick to the ways of Christ and teach what God wants His people to hear.

Moreover, know how the church worships. This is critical for different churches have different ways of worship. It’s essential to choose a church that conforms to your ways of worship; however, this should rhyme what the bible says about worshiping God with faith and in genuine ways.

Examine also if the Dorchester SC church is united wholly in Christ. The Holy Spirit should be the guide of that church. Ensure they worship Christ as their savior. If the members are united in Christ and follows the same ways of baptism and worship, then that is a true church. Examine also the holiness in the church. When Christ ascended, he left the Holy Spirit to guide the church. A true church will be governed and directed by the Holy Spirit to the holy ways of dealing with issues. Finally, choose a church with a mission of preaching Christ.

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