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Posted by on December 1, 2018

Many independent contractors, lawn maintenance companies, and farmers rely on heavy-duty, pick-up trucks to get most jobs done. The vehicles are cheaper, easy to enhance with after-market parts, and can be insured for less money than some commercial trucks and equipment. If that works for the business, the situation is great. Larger companies, certain industries, and some projects cannot be handled by regular trucks.

Service Trucks

Service trucks are built to last, can be modified to suit needs, and will always be able to get the job done. Mining, oil and gas, site preparation and land clearing, agricultural, and road construction industries cannot conduct business without well-designed and crafted truck bodies, cranes, accessories, and built-in systems. Many companies need custom work done to service trucks as well to meet unique needs, safely take on difficult projects, and become efficient. One company that has been designing and crafting service trucks and cranes since 1985 also provides custom work, parts, and services for comprehensive services.

Truck Bodies

The brand name of Eagle Pro Body is made in America and sold at dealerships throughout the United States and Western Canada. Building and exporting equipment for international markets is also offered by this leader in the industry. There are three series of these trucks, with several models available in total. The entry-level series provides maximum value and is ideal for small businesses and independent contractors.

The mid-level models, Eagle Pro I Body series, offer maximum payload and are only available in the standard design. Exceptional durability, standard designs, and models that can be customized are available in the top-level Eagle Pro II Body series. In addition to dealerships, these service trucks are marketed through distributor channels and online at


Tiger cranes are telescoping hydraulic and electric truck-mounted cranes in fifteen models and are standard equipment on most Eagle pro Body service truck models. The range of capacities is designed around specific industry needs. Custom work is available on both bodies and cranes as well as other accessories and systems to meet unique needs, solve a problem, or modify equipment to better suit the methods used by innovative and creative thinkers. Visit to browse the website and explore the endless possibilities.

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