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Top 4 Yoga Asanas and Benefits

In the modern era, yoga is practiced by millions of people worldwide. The yoga is kind of full body workout which only requires to control the own body weight. At the beginning of practicing yoga many people face the problem of doing the yoga asanas incorrect form. If you also one of those people, then you must join the Yoga Teacher Training. By joining this course, you will learn all the different kinds of yoga aspects genuinely. Many people are now making their carrier in yoga trainers by joining the yoga schools and ashrams. The ultimate benefit of practicing yoga is that it helps in releasing stress and depression. Here the list of yoga asanas and its benefits.


  • Tadasana: This is one of the basic yoga asanas which can be done by anyone. Tadasana is also known as the name of Mountain Pose. The benefits you get by practicing this asana is that it helps in improving the body posture and increase the physical strength. This pose helps you in fell refreshed and released the daily stress.

  • Savasana: The best time of doing this pose is at the end of your yoga session. By practicing this yoga asana, it helps in relaxes your whole body and rescue any kind of tension. If you are suffering from insomnia, then practice this yoga asana, it helps in curing insomnia and enhances the concentration level.

  • Garudasana: This yoga pose named after the kind of birds Garuda according to Indian culture or mythology. Morning is the best time for practicing this yoga and does this yoga asana for at least 15 to 30 seconds. The benefit of practicing this yoga style is that it balances the entire body and builds legs strength. This yoga style is ultimate for increasing the flexibility level of your legs.

  • UtKatasana: This yoga style is like you are sitting on the chair, but there is no chair behind your back. Most people think it is very simple to do, but they are wrong. This asana is quite difficult to do as compared to sitting on the real chair. Practice this yoga style on an empty stomach and get the benefit of strengthening the lower back.

All the above asanas are taught by the yoga trainers in the Yoga Teacher Training courses. These above asanas can be done by beginner, intermediate and advanced level of yoga trainers.

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