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Posted by on March 4, 2019

If you are wondering what the best material for your shower is, one of your first choices might be tiles, as they are the most common option out there. However, there are other cost-effective and easy-to-install alternatives that you can choose from. For instance, waterproof shower panels offer considerable advantages over conventional tiled showers and bathrooms. Weighing the cost and benefits of all your options will help you make an informed decision that is rooted on which option best suits your needs. Here are some of the most important benefits of installing waterproof shower panels.

First, waterproof shower panels from Floors to Walls take less time to install compared to other types of materials such as tiles or terrazzo. Installing tiles takes time and often requires a professional to complete because it requires specific skills and tools that are not easily available to the average homeowner. Moreover, because installing tile requires some drying time, you need to wait for the adhesive to dry completely before you the project can be finished. In contrast, when you install waterproof shower panels, the fitting method is dry so you just need to apply the adhesive and sealant and your work is complete within a short period of time.

Second, waterproof shower wall panels tend to look better than tiles, especially over time. Tiles tend to get discolored with the passage of time because of frequent contact with sunlight and liquids like soaps and other chemicals. Some grouting will even turn orange or pink over time. Although it can be restored or painted over with a white pen, this would still take more work, time, and money. On the other hand, waterproof shower panels hold their original color for a long time to come. You do not have to worry about them ruining your overall them for the space because of their changing colors.

Finally, waterproof shower panels tend to be cheaper than all your other options. When you compare the costs of installing tiles in terms of square meters, you will definitely notice that waterproof shower panels have a considerable advantage. This does not even included the added costs of purchasing adhesive and grout for the tiles. On top of that, replacing waterproof shower panels is a breeze compared the amount of work involved in replacing tiled showers and bathrooms. Other alternatives require careful planning and implementation in order to remove the tiles without damaging the material beneath.To know more on waterproof shower panel click the following link:


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