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Posted by on January 31, 2023

Patients that choice fuller lips have greater picks to be had to them than ever earlier than. In the past, sufferers needed to depend upon makeup and lip plumping merchandise to make the Lip Augmentation in Dubai large. At the exercise of Kimberly Henry, MD, our San Francisco plastic surgical treatment sufferers can go through tissue grafting or dermal filler injections to feature quantity to the lips. In this weblog post, we assessment the benefits and drawbacks of tissue grafting as opposed to lip injections.

Tissue Grafting
Patients which are looking for a lip augmentation manner that gives long-time period outcomes can be exact applicants for tissue grafting. This manner entails the elimination of tissue from one place of the patient’s frame so it could be used to feature fullness to the lips. To graft the tissue into the higher or decrease lips, Dr. Henry will numb them with a neighborhood anesthetic and make tiny incisions withinside the corners of the lips. Next, she can be able to create a small tunnel that runs alongside the interior of the lip. The tissue graft is then threaded via the tunnel to feature uniform quantity to the lips. Finally, the incisions are closed with sutures.

The advantages of the tissue grafting manner will also be visible as drawbacks through a few sufferers.

Permanent enhancement: Unlike dermal filler and fats switch treatments, lip enhancement with tissue grafting gives everlasting outcomes. Patients do now no longer need to hold outcomes with extra injections. But if sufferers are sad with the expanded fullness, they may need to go through lip discount surgical treatment to opposite the outcomes of remedy.
Cost: The price of lip enhancement with tissue grafting is greater highly-priced than dermal filler injections. However, due to the fact it’s far a one-time manner, the price is regularly much less than the long-time period cost of present process lip injections each few months.
Increased Volume: The aim of lip enhancement with tissue grafting is to feature everlasting fullness to the lips. Patients need to make sure that they need large lips earlier than present process remedy, as lip quantity will now no longer lower over time.
Dermal Fillers
Dermal fillers are typically used to plump up the lips. Restylane®, Perlane®, and Juvéderm™ upload fullness to the lips for 3 to 6 months, even as the consequences of Radiesse® can final for up to 2 years. Each of those hyaluronic acid-primarily based totally fillers appropriately will increase the dimensions of the lips with few aspect consequences. Patients can also additionally revel in moderate swelling, redness, or bruising withinside the remedy place for some hours or more than one days after remedy.

This lip enhancement remedy entails the injection of your selected dermal filler product into the lips. Dr. Henry will rub down the product into the lips to supply clean and uniform outcomes. Patients will at once be aware the outcomes of remedy.

Benefits: Does now no longer require any break day of work, outcomes in few aspect consequences, gives instant outcomes, exact value, safe, and effective.
Drawbacks: The manner isn’t everlasting, it calls for maintenance, and sufferers need to go back to the doctor’s workplace for re-remedy.


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