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Posted by on July 14, 2018

When it comes to remodeling or redecorating a bathroom vanity, a lot of great design ideas can be overlooked in favor of the larger options such as fixtures, tops or bases. But accenting a bathroom vanity can be a lot simpler and cheaper than you might have first thought. Here are some ideas for decorating a vanity when an entirely new piece or replacements aren’t an option.

Accessories Can Liven Up the Entire Room

If your vanity needs a facelift, consider the surrounding area. Whether you have a small bathroom vanity, a 24 inch bathroom vanity or a 30 inch vanity, the surrounding space has a great deal of decorating potential. Colorful wall pictures, a new mirror or some antique pieces can take a space that’s been used and make it feel alive again. For a low cost, things like wall decals or peel and stick decorations can be easily moved when it comes time to redecorate, without damaging the vanity set or the walls or other pieces surrounding it. Plants are also another great option. In a glass vase with some colorful tumbled stones or glass pieces, showcasing life in a bathroom can add color and elegance.

Search Online for Gorgeous Inspiration

If ideas aren’t striking you, try looking online. Sites like Pinterest can showcase ideas that other people have done to liven up their bathrooms without costing a lot of money. One of the best ideas is to be crafty in your designs. An old wine rack can make a towel holder right next to the vanity, as can something as simple as a string of lights around the mirror. Taking bars of soap and placing them in a glass container can provide a great assortment of visual styles while also providing a lovely smell in the room.

Crafts Projects Can Accent Any Decor

If going out and buying something already made isn’t quite your style, consider making your own decoration. At a fraction of a bathroom remodel cost, you can make your own custom pieces for the vanity walls, dresser, mirror or sink itself. Choosing exactly the color you want, something as simple as a colored ribbon wreath with beads can make the edges of a mirror shine. Painting a glassine light fixture can create a lovely atmosphere with exactly the feel you want the room to have.

Take a Walk and See What You Find

Local shops can have items for decorating you may have never thought of. In addition to antique shops, other stores with knickknacks and oddities can have the perfect pieces you need for your vanity. Stopping in the last place you might otherwise look can give you treasures you never imagined.

Decorating a vanity can be a richly rewarding, low-cost option when entire replacements or a complete redecoration isn’t possible. With a few ideas and some small investments, bringing a bathroom vanity to life has never been easier.


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