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Posted by on November 21, 2018

People living with cancer are facing many challenges and need as much help and support as they can get. Family members also need support. There are many websites available that offer medical information, education regarding the over one-hundred types of cancers, support, financial information, and treatment options. Products for comfort and convenience are offered, and care facilities can be located by zip code.

Practical Information

In addition to information such as an Ultimate Guide to different types of cancer, there are many articles on practical day-to-day issues to help with organization so treatments go smoothly. Patients with young children who are not yet in school, for example, will need to arrange for childcare when chemotherapy appoints are scheduled. Transportation may be required back and forth to appointments, so local resources to address that issue are provided. An adult caregiver of a parent will need to consider what type of interim care will best suit the needs of the patient and the parent.


There are many foods that can help with some of the fatigue, pain, and nausea that can accompany treatments. Nutrition is increasingly important as patients reach stage 4 cancer. It is imperative to keep strength up to keep fighting to prolong life. Whether the cancer is stage 4 breast cancer, also called metastatic breast cancer, or prostrate cancer, or liver cancer, or any other type, proper nutrition can make a significant difference in how treatments effect the body.


Information regarding upcoming clinical trials, breakthrough treatments, and experimental possibilities is provided on a weekly basis. Many sites have a newsletter that people can receive by leaving an email. Stories on people living with cancer are offered for motivation, inspiration, and hope. People can spend years living with cancer in stage 4 depending on the treatment selected and several other factors. Success stories are also an excellent tool if struggling to keep a positive attitude.

Taking Care of Business

Another issue that is critical when living with cancer is getting affairs in order. Some resources offer a checklist that contains making out a will, speaking with family members about final wishes, and deciding whether or not to leave your body to science for research. There are so many aspects to living with cancer that it is easy to forget some of them. It is even easier to put them off for another day. Guides, tips, and support to be organized and get essential tasks completed are quite helpful.

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