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Posted by on April 2, 2019

Traditional grading has been on the basis that a student can only be a high achiever if they are trained good grades in a particular subject. This is proven to be not efficient methods at the end of the day when it comes to the wholesome development of a student. There are a lot of students who can get grade A but are not at all participated in various other aspects that contribute to their social growth. While at the same time peoples whose score grades like D might be excellent in communication and art and like the students who are grade A. It is, therefore, a fragile line it comes to analyzing whether the students who got the best grading the subject are the ones who are high achievers. For this reason, therefore standards-based trading has come along able to help teachers to be able to assess the development of the students by being able to the cutter for those who are low performing in particular subject. Below are some of the advantages of standards-based grading.

With standards-based grading, students can be able to learn at the pace of intelligence. Traditional grading systems will demand that students be able to attain a specific amount of mastering subjects within a particular period when the details using just a specific method of teaching. This might not apply to all students as there might be some variations when it comes to the intelligence quotient and how they’re able to learn at different rates. It is therefore unfair to put them at the same level of comparison when it comes to the high achiever and low achievers. It is through standards-based grading that teachers can be able to know precisely how they can custom make the instructions to be able to fit all capacities of students.  Read about  standards based gradebooks  here.

The wholesome development of the students very necessary. By removing the achievement from grades A to E putting it in various scales that involve the healthy growth will be able to make them mature in various another aspect of life apart from academics. This, therefore, ends up forming more. Students who can be able to be very relevant to education by knowing how to implement it in various stages in their lives  learn more here.

The self-esteem of students can be highly boosted if you went for standards-based grading. This is because traditional best classification has been biased to students who are high achievers when it comes to academics. The rest of the students at the end of the day lose their efforts when it comes to improving certain subjects because they are always deemed as failures. Through standards-based grading, teachers can be able to encourage other students by being able to meet with the level of understanding and be able to push them up to perform better by letting them know that they are not failures by getting what they got as their results.   Discover more info here :


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