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Posted by on April 2, 2019

If you have worked in the digital formative assessment tool before, then you know that they have meaningful ways that they can use to assess the way the student understand. Many things can be used from online quizzes to the message board. The formative assessment can be used to add a lot to the message board as this can be used to allow you to monitor the development of students in an interactive way. If this is the case, find out the ways that you can use to choose the best.

Start by determining your end goal. You ought to base your selection of a tech base formative assessment tool on your end goal. For instance, you might want to have the elementary age students to show what they know after the lessons. You might also want to have open-ended goal questions throughout high school. The best way that you can use to determine your end goal is by working backward to identify the most effective and formative assessment device.

The other option you can use is the taking of the technology audit. There are some formative devices that will need each student to have some electrical equipment while there are those that can be used by a single phone or PC. When you are taking the assessment in your classroom, it is best to determine the tools that you have at the school and how they can help in conductive interactive as well as engage in formative assessment tools.

It is paramount for you to identify the data when you need it. Note that various assessment tools offer different data. When you are choosing, you should determine if you need to have qualitative or quantitative data in your class. You need to find out how you can be able to identify the students who need to be assisted. Having clear information about the data, you will need will aid in making sure that you select the right device.  Read  more about  it here.

Note that the use of the tech-based formative assessment can be the best device you have in class. You ought to warrant that you have selected the best education technology and found out a way that you can be able to integrate into your classroom. When you do this you will not only help the students you should note that it will help you in staying organized.   Read more now :


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