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Posted by on April 2, 2019

Education is a very useful tool for transforming society. It is through learning the children from different cultural and social-economic backgrounds embrace each other. Of the main objectives of culturally responsible classrooms is to employ equitable learning standards to all learners and not impose control over the students. Teachers who are culturally exposed get an opportunity to address the different educational needs of each student in an inclusive learning environment. All students in the classroom have equal opportunities and treatment regardless of their social-economic backgrounds. The environment becomes very fair for children from lower backgrounds.

Members of a school community play a significant role in introducing and upholding their cultures. People come from different cultural backgrounds. When the stakeholders in education support values, and behaviors that are acceptable in learning institutions, students can easily embrace them. The values are a framework within which teachers and other people in charge of the school will be using in teaching different cultural values. Implementing and introducing new ways and beliefs to learners becomes easy and acceptable.

Through the formative assessment tools, educators can draw different cultural traits from students. Teachers are mandated with the duty of observing student behavior ion cultural matters. Different tools are used in asserting whether the response is positive or negative towards a certain culture that is introduced. Based on the set standards, the best ideas may be introduced that allows learners to stay within the best cultural practices towards other people in the instruction. A student who shows appreciation for students from other cultures is most likely to be a good figure to the community.  Read here to know about  culturally responsive classroom.

The standards-based grade books are useful tools that help in the proper evaluation of learners. In the evaluation process, a lot is taken into consideration. The assessment involves determining how well a student has mastered skills and culture. Different methods are followed in determining the accurate methods that will give the correct grades for each student. A high score grade means the student has a high mastery of academic work and also the culture.  Click here to know more about Otus.

The culturally responsive classroom is the perfect modern model in learning. A student should be molded to embrace different cultures regardless of their background. Tools like oriented-groups and cohesive classroom groups help in bringing students together and earning about different cultures from one another. It is very effective to use education as a toll of enhancing cohesion and different cultures in our society today.  Read more now :


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